My name is Marika Sinclaire, born -89 and live in Munka Ljungby, Sweden. I paint animals and nature but also do portrait painting and take commissions.


I was s quiet and calm child who spent most of my time drawing and playing computer games. I have always loved animals, instead of watching children's programs on TV I could sit for hours and watch animal programs and be fascinated by the beautiful and strange creatures that exist.

I have always been a nightowl, when darkness falls my energy and creativity kicks in, then I take a cup of tea, light a candle and sit down with the warm blanket by the easel. Time disappears and everything is quiet and peaceful. Just like me. Anxiety and worries are sleeping, but I am awake... among brushstrokes of grass, soft fur, fragrant flowers and light feathers. That's where I thrive the best, even if the way there is not always easy.


Marika Sinclaire


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My Studio Assistants



Making sure we're stocked up on candy!



Checking Marika is doing her job (: cuddles, no painting!)

Exhibitions & Awards

  • Gallery Stenhallen , - jury-judged exhibition, Öland, 2020

  • BP Portrait Award , - on to 2nd jury assessment, London, 2019

  • CFA Artist of the Year-2019 , - Finalist Award, 2019

  • CFA Exhibition Contest , - Finalist Award, New York, 2019

  • Gallery 12A , - exhibition, Höganäs, 2019

  • Gallery Hultman , - jury-judged exhibition, Åstorp, 2016

  • Member of the Swedish Artists' Association (SK)

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